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Gearing up for a wedding or a corporate conference in Las Vegas or any other gambling facility? Are you a doctor or Lawyer? Are you a nurse! Do you have a favorite casino game? A caricature of you shooting a friendly game of Craps, a nice Poker game or any of your favorite casino game would look fantastic on a nice quality t-shirt, baseball cap or any of our fine quality products.
Our t-shirts, which can have caricatures placed on them cost $24.99 - $55.99depending on the quantity,and are quality products that you will enjoy. Just register an account, go to our Design Studio and design your shirts. You’ll love and enjoy a Lumpy Pockets product for your next trip to Las Vegas or other gambling locations. So open an account today, and let us get you your caricature t-shirts today.
Caricature t-shirt
1-19 $49.99
20-49 $39.99
50-100 $24.99

Just send us an e-mail and request your discount. So be special, stand out, take a chance, register and order your merchandise today! You’ll be glad you did!

How to order?

1. Click on the Create Products Here link below. You will be taken to the Home Page.

2.Under New Customer, just to the right side of the page, register a new account, it will take less than 30 seconds.

3. Once in your account, press the Create Products Here button again.

4. You will be sent to our Design Studio where in the 1st tab, you can select the type of product you want your caricature on.

5. Next, you will see a tab called, Design. Use this tab to design your products.

6.Play around with the Design Studio to get a feel for it, it is quite simple, but just remember, if you want a caricature placed on your products remember to select Zone 2b or 3b.

7.Once selected option 2b or 3b, you will immediately see a message that says: “Please click on Caricature tab to upload photo for caricature orders.” When you see that message, click on the 3rd tab called caricature. Decide which type of caricature you want to have created, whether it is Mild, Medium or Extreme, and then be sure to upload a photo.

8. Then, go back to the Design Tab to complete your design. You can always click on the Preview button so you can see what your design will look like and be sure to select the quantities that you want.

9. Then click Add to Cart…done! It is that simple.

So welcome to Lumpy Pockets! We hope you enjoy our products and trust you will tell a friend.

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